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Moving-Head light
Scan Light
Follow spot
Stage Special efficiency
stage illumination
Outdoor light
Laser light
Effect light
Strobe light
Ancillary product
  Laser light Series
WL-J01(10W-50W animation writing laser light)
WL-J02(8W animation writing laser light)
WL-J03(1-3W animation writing laser light)
WL-J04(1-3W animation writing laser light)
WL-J05(10W-50W animation writing laser light)
LS-30D/LS-50D(30MW/50MW single green animation laser)
LS-100D(100MW single green animation laser)
LS-300D(300MW single green animation laser)
LS-500D(500MW single green animation laser)
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  Laser lightProduct List
* Outdoor Laser Series
* Indoor Miniwatt Series
* Indoor Animation Laser Series
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