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Highlight common stage lighting

    First, the stage lighting commonly used Highlight
To make the configuration of professional stage lighting, stage lighting must first understand the common light bit. This is the correct selection of an important part of configuration.
1, the surface light: the front toward the stage from the audience at the top of the light, the main role in a positive light for the people and the entire stained light fundamental optical shop.
2 ears: in the estuary on both sides of Taiwan, oblique light cast on the stage, divided into upper and lower layers, the main auxiliary plane light, enhance facial lighting, increase the figure, three-dimensional scenery.
3, the column of light (also known as edge-lit): Since the units of light projected on both sides of the mouth, mainly for the characters or the scenery on both sides of surface lighting, increase the three-dimensional outline of sense.
4, top light: from the stage above the stage toward the light, from front to rear into a row of roof light, the second row of the top light, top three rows of light ... ... and so on, mainly used for general stage lighting, enhanced illumination stage, and there a lot of scenery, props fixed-point radiation, mainly by roof light to resolve.
5, Backlight: reverse the direction of projection from the stage light, (such as the top light, back light bridge light, etc.) can be sketched out the characters, scenery contours, and enhance a sense of three-dimensional and transparent, but also as a specific source.
6, the bridge of light: the stage at the bridge on both sides of the stage toward the light, mainly for supporting column of light, enhanced three-dimensional, but also for other optical projection of the direction bit inconvenient, but also as a specific source.
7, foot of light: from the proscenium stage in front of units projected to the light board, the main supporting surface light illumination and eliminate the high surface light and other radiation figures formed by the face and the shadow under the jaw.
8, World ranked light: from the sky above and below the canopy toward the light, mainly for the canopy lighting and color changes.
9, the flow of light: in the flow of light shelves on both sides of the stage, mainly supporting the bridge of light, added on both sides of the stage lighting or other specific light.
10, the spotlight: the auditorium or other location required from the light-bit, mainly for tracking performance or highlight a particular cast of light, but also for the host, is the art of close-up stage of the pen, play a finishing touch.
Second, the common characteristics of lamps and
1, the spotlight: the stage lighting is the most widely used one of the main lamp types, the current market 1KW, 2KW, 2KW to the most widely used. It focused on the light exposure, spot clearer outline of the edge, to highlight a local, but also an area to zoom in spot lighting, as the stage for the main light source, commonly used in the surface light, face, side light and other light bits.
2 Soft Light: light soft symmetry, both prominent a part, and no blunt spot, then a few lights are connected, are common 0.3KW, 1KW, 2KW, etc.. Used for columns of light, mobile and other close-light bit of light.
3, back to the light: it is a reflection of the lamps, which is characterized by light quality hardware, according to high and long-distance, is an economic, efficient and light lamps, common mainly 0.5KW, 1KW, 2KW, in order to use up to 2KW.
4, astigmatism Light: scattered light, symmetry, projected area, is divided into days of discharge and drainage of astigmatism astigmatism, a common 0.5KW, 1KW, 1.25KW, 2KW, and many more for the sky radiation, can also be used for theater podium general lighting.
5, the modeling lamp: Principles between the chase between the light and the spotlight is a special lamp, mainly for the characters and scenery modeling project.
6 foot light (also known as bar lights): soft lighting, the wide area. Mainly as the medium shot, Netscape light cloth, cloth color, the location can also be assisted in Taiwan port side lighting.
7, light beam lights (also known as Downlight): currently used more widely, such as PAR46, PAR64 models. Can be used for all position figures and scenery lighting, also can be installed directly on the stage, exposed to the audience to form a light array, for the dual role of the stage decoration and lighting.
8, slide projector and the canopy effect of light: in the sky on the stage to form an overall picture, and a variety of special effects, such as: wind, rain, thunder, electricity, water, fire, smoke, clouds and so on.
9, the computer lights: This is a RS232 or PMX by the DMX512 signal control or intelligent lighting, and its light color, spot, are better than more conventional illumination lamps, in recent years developed an intelligent lighting, often installed to surface light , top light, the stage level positions, such as moving the line in its color, shape, maps, etc. can be prepared even run the program. As the power of different sizes, using the stage to be different. General low-power computer lights, only suitable for ballroom use. Low-power computers in the stage lighting cable, spot often spotlight, back light lights fade out, so in the selection, we should pay special attention.
10, chasing light: It is the emerging modern stage lighting lamps, characterized by high brightness, the use of lens imaging, can present a clear spot, by adjusting the focus, but also to spot changes in the actual situation. There is activity light bar, you can easily change the color, light body can be free running and so on. More varieties currently on the market, mark targets are not the same way to power as the standard, such as: 1KW halogen light source, 1KW Dy light, 08KW metal halide light source, 1.2KW metal halide light source, but also to recover from a standard light light (in light intensity under a certain distance, illumination), such as 8-10M ,15-30M chasing light chasing light ,30-50M ,50-80M chasing light chasing light, etc., and function is divided into: Mechanical Follow Spot Light, its focus, light bar, change color are done manually. Another chasing light for the computer, its focus, light bar, change color, adjust the color temperature are automatically via push-pull potentiometers to complete, so be sure to choose carefully selected a variety of indicators.

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