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In large venues how to effectively use the light

    A good large-scale activities, in addition to star-studded guests, they also need the lively atmosphere. However, many aspects of large space needed to meet in order to achieve the effect of shock, this time, we focus on the light side for research, such as: lighting and materials in different environments with under different lighting which will be effect? Here we are with Louis Vuitton (Louis Vuitton) flagship store in Shanghai Plaza Opening Party of the cases described.
In large venues to more efficient use of light
With lighting and the environment
Of lighting environment is an important factor, the general interior room about eight to nine feet tall, small lamp is theoretically able to cope, if several-storey height, while the area and up to 1,000 square meters, you must use professional stage light off. Louis Vuitton to celebrate the whole of China's largest flagship store opening, especially in Shanghai Sino Russian Exhibition Centre Car Park held a celebration party, this venue about 5 to 6 storey floor, the venue also placed in the middle of two particular such as large vases of the DJ console. In addition to floors, the area is also up to 1584 square meters (72 meters × 22 meters wide), of which the area is divided into three themes more rooms, each with different characteristics.
To handle such a large venue, the huge power output necessary to use lamps, Martin MAC 2000 Profile moving head computer light is on the market in which a high power lamps, it has HTI 1200 W short arc discharge lamp, can be used for long-range projection so that there is enough space lighting effects. And because the vast area to be projected, the lamp operating speed is also necessary flexibility, MAC 2000 Profile of the head because it can be 540 degrees horizontal and 267 degrees vertically, so the light can be fully projected to the over one thousand square meters of space. MAC 2000 Profile, another advantage is that you can make use of cloud patterns and color film effect, this function will be applied that are in many venues. Louis Vuitton party for purposes of this opening to the ceiling in the venue, or even the top of each table guests to make the blue clouds, the environment has a brighter feel.
In addition, the lighting division used to make non-stop flow of Martin MAC 550 lighting effects, dynamic effects using its unique wheels, with power zoom, adjust the pattern size at any time with, and horizontal or vertical movement. Party only 6 sets of MAC 550, has made a remarkable dynamic pattern, so that an atmosphere very different scene.
With lighting and decorative materials
Venue decoration and the choice of materials, will also affect the effect of light to do it. "Cloth" is a lot of television, concerts and events will be used in decoration, which is more to white more obvious, because when the different colors of light projected onto the white cloth on top, they just like "collecting" the lights, the empty dye into a unique color. However, the color of the fabric using contaminated to be in line with a similar light color to "dye" the desired effect.
Vertical bending of the cloth fabric and different effects, and using multiple pieces of cloth with a small amount of cloth and the effect is quite different. Louis Vuitton case to case, it will in one of the 16 meters × 22 meters of the theme rooms, using a 24 8 m vertically for a red curtain decorated, and each screen were placed below a PAR 64 lamps , lit up the screen; and in another area of 40 m × 20 m in the theme room, suspended in purple on both sides of the screen, above the projection of the Louis Vuitton monogram pattern, following the emission of a PAR 64 lamp flat light up the whole room has to meet the organizers of the company's image, giving a noble feeling.
In addition to the color of fabric, quantity and hanging effect, the cloth itself will also affect the thickness of the light out of the effects, such as: Louis Vuitton in the second theme of the room inside, using a thin cloth to make MAC 2000 Profile projection out of the clouds effect, can penetrate up to three layers of fabric, while the pattern is still clear, feel light and smoke also.
In addition to cloth outside, in fact, can also consider other materials for decoration, for example: a mirror reflection effect can be made with its infinite layering, water can be added for on-site anger ... ... the room at the Louis Vuitton party on both sides of the wall easily, place the pressure Chris did a mirror, reflecting the feeling of infinite block of red curtain; In order to separate the room, and use of materials made of copper the main wall, above a gurgling water in the flow of water below PAR 38 lights up Zeyi projection effects of very dynamic.
In addition, a table used to guests can also use sunlight to make acrylic tube station, Louis Vuitton party has designed a number of counters from the inside the translucent acrylic, respectively, by 20 4 m-long fluorescent tube result, each tube contains 2 Lee 106 color film, and the guests that the most "close" design, is believed to be one of the most welcoming environment for the guests.
Software and console
Although large-scale events in the light is not the missing link, but to make the lamps operate smoothly, the selection of software and the console is also very important. For software, it features a three-dimensional lighting design software, the most real, one of the factors important to note that the software must be allowed to pre-set scenes, so that designers can preview the site effect, save to wait for the case of arranged, or person on-site inspection of the time. In addition, the software can be stored into the file is also very important, because design often save out the file for your presentation and play, compatible with it can not be ignored. Lamps with large database software maker, Yiling programming wider use. The above requirements, Martin Show Designer lighting design software can meet the above requirements, is also very easy to use, it is a very good market in which the lighting design tools, and therefore the party was Louis Vuitton designer Steve Nield used .
As for the console, of course, the "integration" as the ideal choice, meaning that a one-time controllers can control the audience's lighting and equipment, without taking into account more than one controller. Among the Louis Vuitton party, lighting designer Steve Nield on the use of the Martin Maxxyz professional console, because the controller can control units in this department which, in addition to the advantages of the different consoles, such as: audio and video can be fused together, have built-in SMPTE / VITC / LANC / MIDI and so on, have another advantage Maxxyz is that it has already built a Martin Show Designer lighting design software, making programming easier. The frequent change of control if you want to save the picture, the user may also consider additional playback wing Maxxyz Wing in Maxxyz left or right, I believe that the sun controlled play more freely.
Generally speaking, necessary for a successful coordination of various large-scale cooperation activities, lighting though, is a major factor, but still with the other environments in order to put the best light effects and atmosphere of play.

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