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The effect of light performances

    First, the status of dimming control system

1.1 The composition of dimming control system

Dimming control system mainly consists of dimming console, dimmers and other components and auxiliary equipment.

Dimming the lamp to the console through the formation, control the light brightness and color changes, the lighting division of the artistic idea into reality. Therefore, dimming console selection is correct art of lighting a great influence on the division.

Dimmer Console receiving dimming control signal is sent, according to which the control beat, control of the stage or studio lights at both ends of the voltage source, adjust the lamp brightness to achieve performance space in the light intensity tone ordered distribution, which is designed to achieve the lighting division, must be pointed out: dimmer to control signals through the weak signal of equipment, equipment selection must take full account of its reliability, interference immunity and security, and other indicators .

Dimming Console 1.2

At present, a relatively complete variety dimming console, with analog, digital, computer lighting console, but also a small loop in the loop and large loop dimming Taiwan, can fully meet the performance needs of various places, but the quality of both products, technology side are rapidly approaching the international advanced level.

Foreign computer lighting console (such as STRANDLIGHTING company's 500 series) dominate the early years of a few families in the Greater China market circuit dimming Taiwan in recent years, domestic manufacturers of lighting control system, the rapid rise, such as Guangzhou Electronics Co., Ltd. is the east one of the typical. Production of large loop east computer lighting console HDL-2848 after years of development and improvement to high performance and low cost (half the price of similar foreign products), operations (centralized control, Q field, effects, etc.) a flexible and easy editing stable and reliable performance, unique features of Chinese and English user interface by the television studio, theater, sports venues, function rooms, audio-visual museum gaffer welcome.

Especially in the domestic production of digital dimming sets (such as the east corporate SPLC series), the price is reasonable, powerful (programmable set of control and take the light effects, audio control, etc.), good compatibility (both digital signal is also output analog signals .)

1.3 Dimmer

Occasions from the use of look dimmer to be mobile and fixed-Si silicon cabinet box two. Silicon case mobile 6 main types of road (6KW / Road), 12 Road (3KW / road), etc., usually silicon case 4 and 1 mobile station power box stacked to form a box in a plane unit, ideal for mobile performance, small studio and stage use. Fixed main types of silicon cabinet cabinet per unit of 60, 90 Road, 96 Road, output power 6KW Each 3KW and two, through a combination of silicon counters unit may constitute 120 Road, 180 Road, 240 Road, 270 Road , 360 roads and other standard equipment for medium and large studio and stage use.

From a technical point of view, the dimmer can be classified into analog, half digital and fully digital three categories (see Reference 1). All-digital dimmer most advanced technology, currently in the international arena in the country to bring up the light consistency, accuracy dimming, dimming range, dimmer curves and more advanced features of the wind mill intelligent stage lighting film and television industry professionals . China the first application of digital dimming technology manufacturers east of Guangzhou Electronics Co., Ltd., its wholly-digital dimming products is represented by the HDL-D96 (96 loops, each 6KW) silicon counters, and HDL-DDP6 (6 way, each Reuters KW), HDL-DDP12 (12 road, each 3KW) silicon box.

1.4 The auxiliary lighting control equipment

To ensure the normal performance of programs, usually in the master lighting control equipment to add auxiliary lighting control equipment.

Reversed light console, can increase the equipment from the console, then you need to configure a signal recognition, automatic completion of signal switching. In addition to using the console to console to increase backup programs, can also configure a backup controller market, pre-designed scenarios into the fields will be the backup controller. When the console fails, the lighting division can also be prepared in advance into the field content from the controller to complete one by one transferred out of program performance.
Dimmer, the controller can increase the dual-power supply hot backup in order to improve system reliability, in addition to the traditional and modern analog dimmers dimming console to match the digital signal, you need to add dimmer complete the digital signal decoder, converted to analog signals.

In the dimming between the console and dimmer, when the two are far apart, the need to join the DMX512 signal amplifier for digital transmission signal amplification, to ensure that systems reliably send and receive signals.

Second, the development of dimming control system

2.1 Digital

Digital is the physical quantity (such as light intensity, voltage, current, temperature, etc.), switch (such as air switches off, the exhaust fan in a wind, no wind conditions, etc.) represented by binary numbers, digital content can be stored, converted, reproduction and handling, which is using analog can not achieve. Typical applications of digital technology is a computer lighting console and the all-digital dimmer box, silicon counters. There is no doubt that traditional analog dimming technology will be completed within the next few years dimming out the historical mission of the stage will be replaced from digital dimming technology in modern film and television professionals take the stage dimming the market, in this traditional analog dimming technology to the modern digital dimming technology transition process, it is necessary for digital dimming control system should understand the technical features.

To sum up, digital dimming control system has the following characteristics:

1> improve the reliability, enhanced anti-jamming capability

Thanks to digital technology, systems integration, much higher failure rate was significantly lower board-level, single robust enhanced greatly enhance system performance, especially with DMX512 digital transmission protocol, the system links between the various types of data transmission effectively suppress interference, basically solved the live analog signal into the transmission process in the wired and wireless interference.

2> multi-function, easy operation

And analog dimming control systems, digital dimming control system for the typical features are: Control Panel - centralized control could flip, can record thousands of Q field, hundreds of effects, in addition to groups, Stentor, etc. ; Dimmer - 1024 level and above dimming precision of 1% -100% dimming range, 10 or more dimming curve, automatic tracking grid frequency, all-digital dimmer and dimmer output exactly the same double dual power potential backup.

Digital dimming control system of the typical operation are: centralized control console, Q field, effects, record, modify, maintain, run, share, backup. A scene dimmer adjustment, field back up and repeat, self-testing, an important parameter feedback.

2.2 Network

Network dimming control system has the following characteristics:

1> Resource Sharing

There are all kinds of information on the main console, repository, such as computer light control information database, performing database through the network, sub-console you can call the relevant information.

2> Distributed Control

Show hours console can be placed in different places, the console through the network will break down tasks to the various sub-control platform, under the coordination of the console, the console sub-division of labor to complete the performance task.

3> risk diversification

When a sub-console fails, the console can be directly over or designated foreign takeover of a sub-console whip tasks to ensure smooth performance.

East of the river's all-digital dimmer cabinet HDL-D96 full use of network technology, so the gaffer can not only directly in the silicon cabinet operation, site control dimming, but also through the network for remote diagnostics and monitoring.

2.3 Intelligent

Intelligent light control system with various sensors to collect information, build digital models and databases, and using advanced algorithms (such as self-learning, neural networks, expert systems, etc.) for data processing, greatly improve the compatibility and environmental adaptability.

All-digital dimmer cabinet HDL-D96 can detect temperature, current, voltage, open space status, fan status and other parameters, monitor the operation of the system when in fact all types of information and feedback to upper management, has the basic intelligence characteristics.

Professional film and television intelligence on behalf of the dimming of the stage direction of unemployed.

Transfer from: Shanghai Institute choreography

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