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The color of light used in the burlesque

    The evening of 25 June 2007, by the Wuxi City, Wuxi City, Song and Dance Theatre and funny co-created and performed large-scale modern comic drama "Lake News" (formerly known as "everyone to sing the beauty of Taihu Lake") in Nanjing Culture and Arts Centre Grand Theatre staged the play Jiangsu Province is the primary stage productions of art works. This is designed to participate in the Fifth Theatre Festival of Jiangsu Province. Show the laughter in the audience to get a complete success. The group of experts selected a total of 12 plays selected for outstanding drama award, comic opera, "Lake News" listed, and also get excellent lighting design award. The play's lighting design is by the Shanghai Drama Institute, Department of Professor Xu Mingfu choreography, Yang Jin Yue Opera Troupe of Nanjing teachers and I co-create and finish.
Farce of the modern stage lighting requirements are different from other genres. First of all burlesque stage lighting requirements should be bright, let the audience see the stage actor's facial expressions and performances look, and then consider the art of dealing with light colors. The art of stage lighting effects of the most important tool is a combination of light and color. Stage Color is an important stage art performances form one of the means. Today's comic opera stage lighting is also involved in "performance." Here the word "performance" is not just used to the lighting tools, simply play the role of light, but by "light", "color" to shape the plot, character art, the process of analyzing the repertoire of a range of emotions The polish and strengthen the use of subtle means to increase the capacity of space expressed repertoire, choreography effect of platform so that the audience can better understand the significance of repertoire, and to bring visual enjoyment. Whether in light intensity, color, and change of pace, it is with music and actors performing the role have echoed, in some exaggerated comic actors perform drama often need the help and cooperation of light colors to stimulate actors emotions, so that actors provides quick access to situations, sometimes in the performance of a particular time and space, they need light to use strong color rendering of light, making it fully reflects the imagination and enhance people's psychological changes, in order to let the audience unconsciously receiving light teaser.
In fact, if the stage lighting in the past is difficult to have a very bright levels of light color art treatment, but in recent years, with the stage lighting of computer technology, optical technology, automation technology and new materials, new technology and other aspects of rapid, advanced light after another, which gave the current lighting design brings a lot of convenience and advantages, stage lighting color processing is to get spectators in the audience have an intuitive sense of the use of light color is a way of expression and artistic language of expression . Then let us look at lights out, dark and light color expressions and emotional relationship.
Lights out, dark expressions are as follows:
Bright, high bright Baichun Jie, GAO
Solemn solemn gray, depression
Low dark black gloomy, restless, solemn
Warm fresh and lively red color and high, intense heat
Pink in the comfortable and warm and lovely, gentle
Elegant sophisticated low-gravity brown
Lights the relationship between color and emotion as follows:
Warm warm red of passion, anger, joy, spirit, excitement
Warm orange happy, celebrate, lively, healthy
Active yellow happy, bright, happy, active
Mean neutral color green leisurely, comfortable, calm, vibrant
Calm purple serious, elegant, mysterious, safe
Ordinary purple gentle
Rest in cool cool dark green, cool, depression
Negative blue solemn, lonely, deep, quiet
Deep Purple quiet mysterious, lofty, lonely
Take the farce now, "Lake News" to do example: the opening dance in the variation of the "beauty of Taihu Lake," the joyful dance music, we do at the end with the blue light 805, to the computer jumping colorful lights that shade, so that the atmosphere of the opening very encouraging interview with reporters playing: the bottom screen computer with the HMI-4000W lamp wall brightness of 35% of the 808 hit a light blue water of Taihu Lake, the day ranked 805 blue sky to play. Panoramic view of Lake from afar. An opening set "Lake News" "Lake" scene displayed in front of an audience, very vivid, with red ants volunteers dancing pleasure, and soon the audience into a farce, "Lake News" into the story.
The theatrical community in China has been widely circulated this statement, "the soul of the stage lights", which is said Abhisit Asia famously said, stage lighting, stage performances in the contemporary show that it is more and more unique personalized and characteristics of the color. Light color is through a variety of artistic and technical approach to make the audience feel joy, excitement, sadness and other feelings, is an emotional exchange, light color is used to express a kind of art space, is followed by changes in plot development and artistic effect . Color of light used to illustrate the concepts and emotions, is used to create atmosphere. Another example is the comic drama "Lake News" fourth scene: "Drama is the main social Ju Wei Qin Ren Lewen thought her ex-husband to do the work, the face of honor was inverted, lost direction in life ex-husband, music paper piano into the conscience of social responsibility, and conscience into the hearts of the family and to his enthusiasm, ex-husband awakened moral conscience of the new understanding, so that the soul of a desperate new life. "street park opening night we used a 804 light spread a dark blue background over Taiwan, as a quiet zone after the five-star pattern using the computer lights to show baby's breath to play a large empty plastic, the bottom screen with a hook 501 on 30% of special deep-yellow brightness, the quiet, lonely night park show in the audience in front of a seesaw central Taiwan 2000W with four high-profile films back to the EB White to handle, director of the RC community to express a pure heart to do work and hearty personality. Finally, the climax of the fourth act, singing "The Communist Party is like the sun ... ..." time. We did not like before, to deal with a big red light, but give the backlight 210 in the singing of deep pink before, the arrival of a table of passion, and then add all the side light red 103, 8 scanners with a warm yellow light side of all seesaw at the center of the stage play, the director of social Juwei bittersweet story being fully reflected in the mood to complete the mission director of excited, happy mood with more plot, more humane light colors presented to the audience. Hold the audience at the end of four acts to warm applause.
Stage lighting color it has a very strong association, expression, symbolic, in the performance arena, it is a different color, lighting, heating and cooling are used to reflect the stage of the emotional character of factors, including the viewer is willing to accept this and that together color temptation. Stage lighting color of the inner reflection of the characters generally have different levels of sensational effect. The level of the modern audience has continually improved. Our burlesque stage lighting in the future creation, innovation and design should seriously explore past experiences, so that burlesque stage lights become more ornamental.

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