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Television stage lighting control system design (a)

    Lighting control system is safe and reliable? This is the troubled film and television division of one of stage lighting, lighting equipment manufacturers are also an important issue for research. UK Strand Lighting Company (Strand Lighting) launched the first security system to meet the requirements, this network of its ShowNet digital dimming system to make an introduction.
Value in use and application of vision
Command center as a lighting system, lighting control system reliable or not, directly affect the applications of lighting effects. To ensure foolproof lighting control, in addition to use technology is mature, stable and reliable dimming products, scientific and rational design of a backup control system is also crucial. In recent years, major manufacturers of professional lighting control problems to solve backup, has designed and implemented a number of programs.
One of the most advanced model that features the same two units on the same dimming control room simultaneously, the signal output big plus; when the console fails, then controlled through the Deputy Controller. The main and backup console, there is no connection between the function of mutual learning, usually in the pre-performance program to compile the White lighting control, backup, Taichung, such a waste of resources, but also fail to trace back the best results. Digital television, network, intelligent wave of technology to promote the rapid development of professional lighting. Strand Lighting to the world's leading technology, developed and ShowNet Configuration Server software, ShowNet network system. The system uses networked digital dimming technology, the console Strand 550i (or 530i, 520i, 300 series dimming and etc), backup sets Strand 510i (or 530i, 520i, 310i, etc.) and network nodes through the network distributor , and the dimmer cabinet connected to a digital lighting control network. ShowNet network digital dimming system in the DMX lighting control technology ensures the reliability of the signal output and coherence. Its characteristics reflected in:
(1) use of network technology, which enables remote control and technical support, and allows lighting designers to design a desktop computer networked.
(2) network between the various console mutual learning, mutual backup. Backup sets to the network architecture and the console is connected, and full tracking backup mode using the console to learn on, that is, two sets of parallel processing dimming, any of the key stage, another is learning; when the main and backup control Taichung any one fails, another will automatically be transferred to follow-up output.
(3) through the network communication interface and dimming wardrobe Reporter PC software, the operator can control room lighting, or through the PC, console display, lighting system to keep abreast of instant information and work status, and thus to monitor the lighting circuits.
(4) can be set through the network node PC, designer position (Designer Position), remote controls, presentation controller (Show Controler), so as to achieve the control points, multi-point control, hand-held remote control or no control.
(5) network system is stable, programming and reasonable in the circumstances do not change hardware, you can use software upgrades. ShowNet system uses TCP / IP protocol that can be used with other TCP / IP in the system share the pipeline to reduce costs, better compatibility.
Network configuration and technical requirements
1. System wiring
ShowNet hardware architecture for its use may be permitted to wire the system size and the distance between the nodes to decide. Can be seen from the table, in addition to optical fiber (10 Base-FL), the effective transmission distances are for the 10 Base-2. Logically it should be the best choice, but in the entire system configuration, and pay attention to the distribution of the terminal and wiring problems. In a typical 10 Base-2 design, the line must be added as the network head end 50Ω load. Segment can be up to 185m, and the like to be a straight line, cable laying, if there are gaps in the original two will be paralyzed. Coupled with the interface and the wire used in more expensive, unless you need to connect the two subsystems, generally do not recommend using this wire.
10 Base-T's connected as star, the center part of the hub (Hub) connection. The interface is similar to telephone equipment RJ45 connectors, Category 5 twisted pair wire for the cable (100Mb / s). Advantage of this connection is: simple and clear, material economy, the insurance factor, if one circuit of a segment, the other nodes connected with the distributor network can continue working.
10 Base-FL (optical fiber) is generally used in large network systems. General design for each of the connections between subsystems, such as large outdoor performances, major theme parks all topics range connections.

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