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Television stage lighting control system design (b)

    2. System hardware
ShowNet system consists of dimmer units, network nodes, PC machine and hub components. Dimming the center of the entire system is user interface. Using Strand 500, Strand 300 series processors with P Ⅲ computer lighting console, the console can be defined as the backup sets and remote control units of three modes. Console is the core of the entire network can have 18,000 light path and 32 DMX-512 segment, in order to control the entire system. Backup sets with the console through the network connection, and use the whole track backup (Full Tracking Backup) model of the console to learn. Remote control units for the console sub-units in the division of large-scale performances are often required treatment, such as the host control of traditional lamps, sub-control computer console lights.
Network point can be divided into: SN100, SN102, SN103 and SN104. SN100 and SN102 DMX addition to providing input / output, but also can provide services such as color display, MIDI, AUX, Reporter, remote control and the floppy drive and other signals. A small Category 5 cable will be able to accommodate so many signals, which is the traditional DMX lines can not be done. SN103 and SN104 only DMX input / output, which is AC powered SN103, SN104 was 24 ~ 48V DC power supply.
Across the network, PC machine's role is very important. Can be loaded on the PC, Genius Pro, ShowNet Pro, Reporter, and Server and other software.
3. System Software
Strand Lighting has developed a digital network in the light dimming system application software, including: GeniusPro, Tracker, Communique, Networker, Reporter, Server and ShowNet Configuration and so on. Different software functions in the network varies.
(6) network workstation PC platform and installed the ShowNet Configuration software, the software responsible for system-wide DMX address code allocation, its powerful, can put a 512 loop in any loop with the other section of any circuit combined into a new paragraph. The latest version of ShowNetPro ShowNet more processing power from the original 16 to 32 segments, that is, 32 × 512 = 16384 个 DMX address code, which 32 of the network hidden in Netslot matching belt, each way or free with the definition of as input / output, reflected in any of the SN in any network node interface. After setting, you can switch to the PC Reporter reporting software, to get CD80SV dimming all the information in the closet, making light work of division of the closet and know all network conditions and Tai.
For example, Case Introduction
(1) China Central Television (CCTV)
CCTV 1000,800 and 600m2 in the studio, as host to Strand 550i, Strand 530i, or 520i as a backup machine, plus a remote control, SN103 network nodes and network distributor, a network of digital dimming systems, dimming by Strand CD80SV closet or other digital silicon to achieve light control boxes.
(2) Shanghai Oriental Television
400m2 Studio 1200 and the station selection Strand 550i, Strand530i computer lighting console and one each in Taiwan, through the network control station Strand CD80SV 7 and 3 sets of Strand CD80SV dimming closet.
(3) Hebei Arts Center
To the host computer table Strand 550i, Strand 520i as a backup machine, using the network of digital dimming systems, control console and vice hot backup sets, control 1000 dimming circuit.
(4) Beijing's Great Hall
Two Strand 550i used computer lighting sets the stage for performances and meetings were lighting the host; another Strand 550i as a backup utility machine, using the digital network system, the total control 1300 dimming circuit.
(5) District of Kunming Shi Lin Yuanjing
Two Strand 550i with the main equipment machines, through the network nodes, network distributor and Strand CD80SV, the achievement of the area of intelligent lighting control.
(6) opening ceremony of the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games
Use of two optical Strand 550i 2000 dimming Taiwan-based computer, prepared machine, system-wide use of the separation ShowNet Pro 5 websites, 5600 DMX addresses, the total of 11 million stadium in the High-End Control 300 computer lights, 136 Studio only shook his head lights, 132 Studio color lights, 64 Strand 4kW dysprosium lamp, 1000 PAR lamps and other silicon load, the magnificent opening ceremony of the lighting to create a dreamy mood.
Concluding Remarks
Modern Television stage lighting control system design direction is networked digital dimming. We believe that with the rapid popularization of the Internet and professional lighting the continuous improvement of the quality of personnel, advanced technology, stable performance, flexible control, easy operation and functional, economic and durable automatic light control system, will add luster to the Chinese film scene .

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