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The type of stage lighting, the role and use of notes and fe

1, type:
Divided by the use of light sources: incandescent, fluorescent, halogen, neon lights, laser lights, metal halide lights.
Divided by the control method: manual control of lights, mechanical control lights, voice-activated lights, programmable lights, computer lights.
Radiation hard and soft light by lighting division: two types of spotlights and floodlights.
2, the action and the use of notes and features:
① spotlight: bringing together the lamps can light their investment scope and intensity adjustable light, light with a mirror or converging lens. Maximum use of radiation energy, improve the overall efficiency of light sources. Often equipped with 1000-2000W reflector bulbs.
Features: Local lighting effect. Highly directional, forming distinct shadow line, can show the surface profile of the illuminated objects and structures, often as a top light, side light use.
Note: High temperature, fever. Glowing light itself only, to get need to add colorful effects and color on paper.
② Back light: direct light source, lights, no lens, but after the light reflector.
Features: light can shift focus. From the condenser, astigmatism role, power, high brightness, long range, the use of 1000-5000W quartz tungsten halogen bulbs, can be used for surface light, backlight use.
③ floodlights (also known as astigmatism lamp): lights, no condenser lens, the light of no mirror. By the formation of diffuse large concave cabinet, issued a uniform scattering of light illumination.
Features: light and soft, not concentrating, a range of small, large area, not easy to block, often used as a backdrop, to screen (background), 1250 W bromine tungsten lamp to use.
④ chasing light: a long focal length, large range, slim light box. Mainly used for solo or solo performances. Independence of the people in the circle of light, chasing, or highlight the actor model, resulting in localized spots. Spot size can change to fit the performance needs.
⑤ scanner: a voice, and other forms of program-controlled, with scanning, laser, swing, rotate, change color, multi-pattern, programmable functions.
Commonly used for more than four units, with separate console. Biggest advantage: visual story needs to do more than support a unified movement or group of lights, or while doing different actions.

  Products list
* Moving-Head light
* Scan Light
* Follow spot
* Stage Special efficiency
* stage illumination
* Outdoor light
* Laser light
* Effect light
* Strobe light
* Console
* Ancillary product
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