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Performance space construction


Architecture, sculpture, painting is the time, space or three-dimensional art to maintain a relatively timeless. Performing arts as an integrated time and space in Performance Art needs a relationship to maintain the space - theater or performance establishment. Stage artists in the show beyond time and space together constitute a sound, light, color, shape and other multi-dimensional factors of the creative visual and auditory space, and over time, as well as plot, scene transformations and continued development. Dramatic plot twist, whether opera or dance performance, at the same time, the visual performance in light or in the audience knew the way the shading effect of light changes, changes in physical space or the function of lighting equipment itself has caused the kinds of visual performance results. To shape the image of the color rendering, change tempo, etc. participate in the formation of pregnant and visual vocabulary show special stage performance space atmosphere, thus affecting the audience's mood changes, constitute a scene, actors, audience interaction and stage space for the content of the specific agreement .
1, the performing space
1) Stage
According to the characteristics of the scene and theater performances and other studio shows that the environment can take advantage of the objective conditions for lighting design.
2) theater, studio space, performance status, etc.
* Space Environment: investigate and understand the theater, drawing, or obtain performance measurement environment space plans, sections, data, theater proscenium height, width and depth of the stage data and scale units.
* Device status: the number of boom length, arrangement, spacing, order number, flat location.
* Electricity load: rated load capacity of the main trunk, branch circuit rated load capacity and so on.
2, read the sc ript and creative ideas
The sc ript is the lighting equipment, creating the basis of ideas, which can be related to the excavation and creation of performance space to be refined processing.
1) to identify characteristics of a representative character, plot changes, contradictions and conflicts, it is envisaged the necessary environment.
2) Time, time, season, scene and light direction and color desc riptions and other aspects of vision and positioning.
3) to determine the performance and the performance of suitable methods and means of expression. Thinking what kind of lighting can be created with the plot coincides with the stage of visual effects.
4) The sc ript prompts the scene, the stage device.
3, the performance of time and space conversion
1) The weather: sunrise and sunset, dusk to night, night to dawn, seasonal variation, moonlit sky, location and geographical change.
2) geographical space, mental space, the scene space, virtual space, local and global space conversion.
4, from the plane to form three-dimensional concept of space
For each form the surface of the production, processing and visual effects, and prospects for combination of space, middle ground, space, composition, after the performance of the plane view of space applications. Upper, middle and lower part of the space inside the organization and methods to achieve prediction.
For example: set the backlight position: horizontal, vertical angle, location height, number of lamps and so on.
5, the screen part and the whole composition
Control the lighting and color and lighting areas. The size, shape, number of visual images to show the stage composition.
6, form selection
According to the overall style of creative expression to determine the appropriate form type.
Illusion of past, present, future, dreams to remember even the impression of abstract and realistic vision of such feelings.
7, the performance in the limited space in the infinite space
There are vastly different in the show the great effect of changes in the space.
Real space and virtual space performance: a specific stage of the stage space and a special form of narrating: White: monologue and so on.
The actual space environment to transform and expand, or to exaggerate or to reduce the paint.
Mental space of the characters role in the desc ription and performance.
8, the light changes in the way
1) The spatial variation of the plot change is opportunity.
2) Change lines to determine the lighting opportunities.
3) changes in the action an opportunity to determine the light.
4) light music or sound effects to determine changes in opportunity.
5) determine the light changes with time opportunity.
9, different genre of spatial processing
Classical, romantic, natural, realistic, symbolic, three-dimensional, the future, composition, performance, ultra-realistic and the music, sound effects related to space-time conversion: tune, melody, rhythm.

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